Care in Style attend Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Theatre 4

Yesterday Care in Style embarked on a wonderful journey of nostalgia and great fun. As they attended the hit musical play Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. On this very special performance the cast, had a very celebrity feel to it. With Martin Kemp (Eastenders, The Krays), Phil Jupitus (Never Mind the Buzzcocks) and Jason Manford (eight out of ten cats) All starred. Before the performance the residents and staff all had something to eat in town before they headed off, to a night full of fun, song and dance!


Theatre 3

When Care in Style arrived, they grabbed there snacks and drinks. Sat down in the theatre thoroughly enjoying their night out. When Speaking to the residents about there night. One Resident Robert said “it was brilliant, absolutely brilliant”.  Lynsey said ” It was really good, I was singing and clapping my hands”. All at Care in Style would like to thank the production team and Southend Cliffs Pavilion for their hospitality and the fantastic show they had put on.

Theatre 1

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